Q: Do Monkey Grip Tie downs & Tie down Straps comply with an Australian Standard?
A: Absolutely, yes, AS/NZS 4380:2001 Motor vehicles—Cargo restraint systems—Transport webbing and components

Q: Do Monkey Grip Bungee straps comply with an Australian Standard ?
A: Absolutely, yes, Consumer Goods (Elastic luggage straps) Safety Standard 2017

Q: What does lashing capacity mean?
A: Commonly referred to as LC, the lashing capacity is half of the minimum breaking strength of the system which is designed to sustain in use in straight pull expressed in kilograms (kg or kgs) rather than kilogram force. You should purchase your straps based on the lashing capacity strength.

Q: Where can I buy Monkey Grip Tie Downs?
A: You can purchase Monkey Grip Tie Downs right here on our website, we ship Australia wide! Our Store Locator will help you find the closest retail store near you that has Monkey Grip products on their shelves.

Q: Are monkeys used in the manufacturing of our straps?
A: No, they are not

Q: Can I buy bulk quantities at wholesale or trade price?
A: Yes you can but you will a need an active ABN Please visit our Wholesale Page

Q: Can I pick my order up in person?
A: Unfortunately, no

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