Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Down 340KG Capacity 25mm Webbing

Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Downs do the Job! Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Down Systems are a must have addition to owning any trailer, ute or transporting vehicle. Designed to withstand the harsh Aussie outdoor climate, they will secure your gear for camping, towing & worksites.  Webbing tie downs are now...
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Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Downs do the Job!

  • Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Down Systems are a must have addition to owning any trailer, ute or transporting vehicle. Designed to withstand the harsh Aussie outdoor climate, they will secure your gear for camping, towing & worksites. 
  • Webbing tie downs are now widely used in the transport industry. Webbing Tie Downs are light-weight, easy to handle and easy to use. Webbing lashings are more elastic than chains therefore they retain more tension & cause less damage to cargo or paintwork.
  • Avoid fines and safely tie down your cargo! Fines of up to $5,000 for individuals or $25,000 for business may apply. (Depending on the State or Territory) 


Quicker & Easier 

  • Arguably the best feature of Cam Buckle Tie Downs is their ease of use. For those of us who do not have the time nor the know-how to deal with Ratchet Straps, Cam Buckles are a great replacement! They are great for making quick work of any securement task you may have.

    Professional & Safe

    • Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Downs are designed, manufactured, & tested to Conform to AS/NZ 4380 Australian Standard. Tie Down LC is printed on the strap webbing.

    Secure your Load with Confidence 

    • Monkey Grip Cam Buckle Tie Downs are ideal for almost any cargo during transport and come in a variety of hi-visibility colours, styles, & capacities. Great for use on trailers, roof racks, truck beds, ute trays and more for safe cargo management, it is also completely UV resistant.

      Product Details

      Type Specification
      Mechanism  Cam Buckle 
      Webbing 25mm
      Lashing Capacity (LC) 340KG
      Breaking Strength 680KG
      End Fitting (Hook Type) None
      Colour Green
      Strap Material  Polyester (PES) Webbing, UV Resistant
      Operating Temperature - 40°C to 100°C
      Australian Standard Conforms to AS/NZ 4380
      Packaging  Retail, hanger


      How To Use Quick Release Cam Buckle Style Mechanism Tie Downs

      • NOTE: Quick release cam buckle tie downs must be used as a double pull or the LC is essentially halved. Triangles or double loops are ok. Straight lines or single loops where only one thickness of webbing retains the load are not correct.


      1. Place the long length of webbing over the load and connect the fitting to a solid anchor point, ensuring the strap is not twisted. 
      2. Place strap through cam buckle by pushing release button and pulling through until there is limited slack to connect the other fitting to the second solid anchor point. 
      3. Take up the slack by pulling out the strap until it is tight around the cargo. The buckle press lever is a spring loaded mechanism and will lock the strap automatically. 

      To Release the Tie Down:

      1. Simply press down on the release lever at the centre of the buckle while feeding the strap out and unclip the hooks. 

        Monkey Grip Safety Information

        WARNING: DO NOT EXCEED LASHING CAPACITY (Shown in kilograms (KG) on the front of each pack)

        Key Information 

        • Selection & Use: Consideration should be given to the required lashing capacity (LC), taking into account the mode of use & nature of the load to be secured. The lashings should be suitably pre-tensioned and regularly checked during the journey.
        • Material: This strap is made from Polyester (PES) and is NOT resistant to chemical attack. Effects of chemicals may increase with rising temperature casing the restraint to fail. If there is any contact / contamination from chemical products, a web lashing should be removed from service and disposed of.
        • Operating Temperatures: The webbing restraint system complying with the standard is suitable for use in the following temperature range; (minus) - 40°C to 100°C. These ranges may vary in a chemical environment. Changes in environment temperature during transport may affect the force in the webbing. The tension force should be checked after entering warm areas.
        • Protection & Limit of Twist: The webbing restraint system should be protected against friction, abrasion and damage from loads with edge radius less than twice the webbing material thickness, using protective sleeves or corner protectors. Webbing restraint should not be used when knotted,
        • Storage & Maintenance: If the webbing strap becomes saturated in use, dry in a shaded area prior to storing. It is advisable to lubricate the ratchet mechanism with a small mount of lubricant. When not in use, store in a dry location. 

        Meanings relating to a webbing restraint system:

        • Lashing Capacity (LC): Commonly referred to as LC, the lashing capacity is half of the minimum breaking strength of the system which is designed to sustain in use in straight pull expressed in kilograms (kg or kgs) rather than kilogram force. 
        • Fixed End Length (Lgf): This is the webbing end with tensioning device, a fixed end length
        • Adjustable End Length (Lgl): This is the length of webbing without the tensioning device, an adjustable end length.
        • Hook & Keeper / S Hook / Carabiner Hook: This refers to the end fittings used on the restraint system.

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        Tie downs & Straps
        Transport Tie Downs and Tie Downs are manufactured to our specifications and comply with: Australian Standards / New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4380:2001 Motor vehicles—Cargo restraint systems—Transport webbing and components

        Bungee straps/Octopus Straps comply with: Consumer Goods (Elastic luggage straps) Safety Standard 2017 .
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